The Cannabis revolution

the cannabis revolution

The cannabis revolution

The cannabis revolution took the world unlike any other. Many cannabis dispensaries started selling all kind of vape cartridges that were manufactured. The was so much innovation in the cannabis industry vape cartridge business. Rove carts.

The problem with the cannabis revolution is that the industry is largely unregulated. This has given room for many fake cartridges to flood the market.

Why the cannabis revolution is falling

The cannabis revolution is failing because the industry is not properly regulated. This has prompted the production of many prefilled cartridges with contaminants in the place of cannabis oil. There are many cartridges though that has succeeded in dealing with the fake cartridges problem.

Top cartridges produce by some of the best names in the came like rove have succeeded in producing top-notch cartridges like THC oil cartridges that are easy to detect fakes.There are top grade cartridges like moonrock carts

dr. zodiak carts have had an enormous contribution in the introduction of high-end THC cartridges to the industry. Moonrock carts like rove carts are easy to detect fakes.

The fall and rise of Dank vapes

During the start of flooding in of prefilled cartridges,dank vapes were the most loved vape cartridges becuase of the high THC percentage of 90% and above.Soon enough many fake dealers entered the market and started producing a lot of contaminated cartridges with pesticides in em. This caused a lot vaping related diseases with many teenagers being the most affected.Buy Rove cartridges online .

The way forward for the cannabis industry

Produced carts that are easy to verify so that the fake cartridges are easily detectable. This will bring back the confidence people had in this vape cartridges in the first place.