Fake Vape Cartridges

fake vape cartridges

The cannabis industry has witnessed a lot of innovation this last few years.

The rise of E-cigarettes and the advent of many more ways of consuming cannabis have been the main focus of industry leaders.

There are many types of vape cartridges but the most popular among them are prefilled vape cartridges.Prefilled vape cartridges have a very high THC percentage,Sometimes reaching above 90%.

These prefilled vape cartridges are normally supposed to contain cannabis oil but this is not the case for fake carts

Many vape cartridges have come and gone but the desire to consume cannabis above the traditional way of smoking has remained.

Sometimes you wanna get high but do not want your whole body smelling.A vaporiser help you consume cleaner.

Vape cartridges are also said top help stop smoking

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What way forward for fake vape cartridges

I would like to conclude this article by saying that vape cartridges are one of the best innovation to have happened to the cannabis industry.

The problem was is that a good and vital industry such as the vaping industry was built on a shaky foundation.Many companies have realized this and are moving quickly towards ending this crisis of fake vape cartridges.

All hands are on deck for this.We must come together and push forward with innovation always.The cannabis oil industry is still going to keep growing like never seen before if this fake vape cartridge problem is solved once and for all.

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