Vape cartridges packaging

carts packaging

Carts packaging

Carts packaging is a result of the many vape cartridges produced from the cannabis revolution. Many cartridges are produced with their own unique carts packaging. This uniqueness also helps to identify every cart. Just by looking at a particular packaging, you can easily know what’s inside.

Most of these packages are manufactured in china and shipped to the USA. Most of these china packages are whoever associated with fake cartridges.

See a Chinese packaging and you immediately come in contact with pesticides infected carts. This packaging however can help us identify a good cartridge from the bad one straight out of the box.

Rove carts packaging

This cartridge has a very unique packaging. Its has a QR code underneath to verify if it a good cart or not.

Exotic carts packaging

The packaging of this cartridge has evolved throughout its production.

This change has been made to accommodate the new improvements that have been added to the exotic carts brand.

Muha meds packaging

It has not changed much from its initial design. Still the same good looking cartridges. With great cannabis oil.

No matter the packaging it comes in, a good cartridge is a good cartridge. What you should concentrate on is the cannabis oil inside.

Never forget the old wise saying that tells you never to judge a book by its cover you never know what might be inside the cartridge. dr. zodiak carts

or moonrock carts. also, have good packaging not forgetting cereal carts and supreme carts.