Read the testimonials sent to us from our lovely customers

Your rove cartridges taste better than i thought cant wait to order again before i run out of stock

Slizzy / Texas,USA

Am a one time kind of person Rove carts disposable make my days

jimmy300 / Florida,uSA

No cart is better the lions breath thats the only cartridge me gonna vape

stoneBig / New York ,USA

super nice sativa. Smells really nice. A bit more of a harsh throaty hit but overall would buy again.

Mark / Texas,USA

You got the two cartridges i like best ROVE and LIONS Breath

Alex / Virginia,USA

Love this, So much. It’s a bit tough cutting a single dose off the gummy, since the gummy is super dense and sticky, but the high hits you instantly and it feels great. The taste is remarkable, the smell is temptingly perfect, I can’t wait to try the other again! Highly recommend. 

Thetoast / Los Angeles, USA

I highly recommend you get Rove cartridges from this guys. The carts burns faster than most i tried

Youngboy24 / Vermont,USA

The flavors all stated tastes like the original thing in all your Rove carts, would be ordering again soon

wallace / Virginia,USA

Ordered a small bag to try and was so impressed after smoking had to order more immediately great strain selection gs 👍

Brooks / New York, USA